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Lewis Howles

Site Designer
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Name, Age and Location:

Hello! I'm Lewis, I'm 22 and I spend most of my time in Rochdale, Lancashire!


Well, basically, I'm here to draw and make things look great! If it's remotely colourful, I designed it, drew it and sent it off to Ryan to put up on the website. Great stuff.

Alopecia Sufferer?

No, I got involved through Ryan. He needed someone to make things look good, and since he's about as good at drawing as a Sloth is at sprinting - and also because we lived in the same house through University, I lent a helping hand.
Edit by Ryan: Hold on, I didnt approve that!

Real Job:

I have just finished my Computer Science degree at the University of Sheffield and am now considering my options as to what I want to do next.

Hobbies & Interests:

My main hobbies are graphic design, music, films, video games and travelling, but from time to time I also enjoy to ski and snowboard, and I'd love to ride a Quad again.


Mum, Dad and Brother (Kristian).


Over the years we've had a lot of pets, I think at one point we had 13! At the moment, though, there's our 4 cats (Sammy, Magic, Socks and Monty) and a couple of fish in the pond and in a tank. My favourite pet had to be my snake.

Other Comments:

After designing for this website and also doing custom artwork for family and friends over the last year, it was suggested that I should do it for real, so I did. You can visit me and see what i've done at www.lewishowles.co.uk


Feel free to contact me anytime via our online form if it is regarding the Alopecia Awareness website. Otherwise you can contact me by e-mailing info@lewishowles.co.uk

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