Developing a different perspective

What can be helpful is to stop looking at the problem like a two-dimensional triangle with limited choices and instead to think about a 3-dimensional pyramid.

The more assertive you become, the higher up the hill you get and the better the perspective you have on your relationships. Also, the better the quality of relationships you attract and the better your self-esteem, self-confidence and happiness become - You take control of your own life.

Looking at things from the 'victim' viewpoint will continue to make you feel trapped and disempowered. Learning to look at things assertively and beginning to think and talk using the language of assertiveness will free you and enable you to enjoy the rest of your life... even if you have a 'black belt' in feeling like a victim, like I did years ago.

Like any other skill in life it takes time to learn it and to master it. Do you know how to ride a one-wheeled bicycle? No, neither can I, but given enough time and determination we could both learn!

Assertive relationships with others
... Demand nothing less!



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